Is your smartphone as dirty as a public toilet seat?

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Is your Smartphone as dirty as a public toilet?

Various studies, including one from the University of London, show that smartphones are contaminated with coliform bacteria, that is, microbes normally found in… you guessed it, POOP!

So now you know what you have in your hands and what you place on your face. What can you do about it?


Manufacturers inform us that their guarantee is voided if you use cleaning liquids or solvents on electronic devices. So the best options include, UV wands that kill bacteria, or you can use high quality microfiber cleaning cloths that remove up to 99% of surface bacteria without scratching or leaving streaks on your screens.

Clean Screen Wizard was designed in Denmark by MooJou Enterprises and offers six convenient microfiber cloths in different sizes, with practical PVC carrying cases for all your devices, including iPhones, Tablets and Flat Screens.

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