Girl Kit Microfiber Cleaning Cloth + Keychain Pouch & Vinyl Pouches + Microfibre Sticker

Help & Encourage your kids to keep their gadgets, eyeglasses & games clean with this cool, fun and easy to use microfiber cleaning kit designed just for them. Fits perfectly in little hands.

What you’ll find in this kit:

1 x Microfiber cloth in special portable key-chain mini-pouch.


A pink medium size (7″x6″-15cmx17cm) microfiber cloth, attached to a mini microfiber pouch with carry along key-chain hook. Includes 3 cleaning textures, no dirt will resist them.


plus 3 pink

2 Extra medium size microfiber cloths. You’ll be able to keep them in the most needed locations, so you never have to worry about forgetting them.


plus 3 pink

2 Sturdy vinyl pouches. Store your cloths in them to keep them completely clean between uses.



plus 3 pink

1 Bonus microfiber pad. Easy to stick right on the back of iPhones, cell phones & iPads. Unstick it, clean the screen, and stick it back on!







Multiple Level Microfiber Cleaner

No matter how dirty, you have an option available













Parent Approved

For safe use, chemical-free, anti-allergenic and washable cloths. Made to protect your love one’s health.













We are sure you’ll love them, which is why we offer them with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

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