How to Clean a Phone Using a Microfiber Cloth?

screen cleanerThis is a very simple and fast procedure:

You will only need water (distilled water is ideal), if possible in a spray bottle and a microfiber cloth.

We do not recommend using liquid screen cleaners, because they are not necessary, plain water will do the same job, and it is safer for your device and the environment, so save your money and help the earth at the same time.

Some liquid screen cleaner contain chemicals that destroy the microfiber cleaning cloth’s dust trapping properties.

• Before beginning, read your device’s user manual

• If you use a protective case on your phone, remove it so you can access the screen and body. You can choose to remove and change the screen protector of your phone now, if you have one, just be really careful.

• Never clean your phone while it is on. Ideally, turn it off and take the battery out. Why? If the device is on when wiping the screen you will touch and activate operations unnecessarily, and it is easier to see the dust and smudges on a black screen when it’s off.

• Wipe the screen with the Microfiber Cloth using a circular motion, to catch all the grime and dust. Then, wipe the rest of the phone and you’re all set. Remember to be thorough with every part, especially if the phone has a solid keyboard, also wipe the battery cover and the battery area, if you have access to it.

• If there is a smudge or stain that’s does not come off, spray the cloth with a bit of water, gently wipe the tough spot, and then just wipe again with a dry microfiber cloth and you are done.

• If the phone’s camera lens is difficult to reach with the cloth, just use a cotton swab to take the dust off.

• Finally, you just remember to wipe the case before putting it back on your clean phone.

Presto! Your phone is clean and shiny, ready to be used again. Remember to keep a daily cleaning routine and your phone won’t have much issues. Clean Screen Wizard microfiber cleaning cloths remove up to 99% of surface bacteria helping you stay healthy. They also come in sturdy pouches that make it easy to have them close at hand when needed.