How to Clean a Laptop with a Microfiber Cloth?

laptop screen cleanerHere are some tips that will help you get the best results when cleaning your laptop computer:

1. We recommend you to read the user manual that comes with your device and review any cleaning tips the manufacturer offers.

2. Turn off and disconnect your device from any electrical power source. If possible, remove the battery too.

3. Get rid of dust and debris using the cloth in one direction. After that, take your cloth and fold it, this way you know which side you’ve used.

4. Spray water once on the clean side of the cloth and wipe your keyboard, make sure to wipe the cursor pad carefully.

5. Wipe the ports with a dry clean cloth or use compressed air to clean them if you have it.

6. For the screen, you can use another cloth sprayed with water and wipe. Never spray any liquid directly on the screen and don’t use any chemicals, those can damage the display’s anti-glare coating.

7. You can wipe the screen surface using an “S” pattern (moving the cloth in a “S” shape), so you don’t leave any dirt or smudges behind.

8. Clean the screen frame too, you can use a corner of the folded cloth to clean the edge of the frame where it meets the screen.

9. Finish it off, cleaning the rest of the laptop, just close it and wipe it with the cloth, remember to do so with the side that hasn’t been used.

READY! Now enjoy your dirt-free laptop with a crystal clear screen. Make sure to include a regular cleaning session every other week, so your devices last longer. Our microfiber cleaning cloths are individually packaged in sturdy vinyl pouches, so you can keep them clean and have it close at hand and ready to use when needed.